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A Healthy and Natural Approach to Foot Care

It’s almost like walking barefoot – the Natural Way.  Each foot has 26 bones, thousands of nerve endings and many muscles, tendons and ligaments.  All of these need protection from the traumas of standing, walking, exercise & sports.

In a lifetime, a person can walk between 150,000 to 200,000 miles and put millions of pounds of pressure on all of those sensitive bones, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments in their feet.

Our feet constantly change throughout life.  By providing a shock absorbing, resilient, dynamic liquid cushion under your feet, many of the problems associated with normal wear and tear can be prevented and alleviated.

By combining the properties of pure glycerin with sophisticated product design, you are able to get the nearest possible sensation to walking barefoot or on a soft sandy beach.  This is the healthy, natural approach to foot health and comfort.

How Do Our Liquid Gel Massaging Insoles Work

Our Insoles work on a 2500 year old principle of physics, “fluid moves to the area of least resistance and greatest need” (Archimedes).  The foot has alternating high and low pressure areas as it stands and walks.  The high pressure areas simply push the fluid to areas of low pressure and equalize the distribution.  The liquid gel fills in the gaps of the feet providing a lifting action that allows the foot to lay properly, which in turn allows the weight to be distributed equally from side to side and heel to toe. 

              Arch Support – Our insoles are fluid orthotics, unlike off the shelf rubber gel or even hard orthotics for that matter.  Our insoles provide custom arch support while being much gentler and more comfortable to your feet.  When you wear them, the low parts of the foot, such as the ball and the heel force the liquid gel into all of the high unsupported areas such as the arch.  Because of the liquids properties when under pressure, this results in natural arch support.  Not too high and not too low, resulting in immediate pain relief.

              Cushioning – When the pressure inside our insoles has equalized, the foot is actually floated off of the shoe, providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption without making the shoes tight, unlike any other insole on the market.  Cushioning is vital to protecting ankles, knees, hips and lower back when standing or walking on hard surfaces.

              Massage – While alternating heel to toe pressure, it forces the liquid to move back and forth, providing a soothing massage, significantly increasing circulation to the feet.  Improved circulation promotes quicker healing of existing injuries from various lower extremity ailments.

              Plantar Fasciitis – Clinical testing has proven that our liquid gel massaging insoles provide relief from chronic plantar fasciitis pain (especially 1st thing in the morning, when you can’t get up out of bed without feeling like you’re 90 years old, because of the excruciating pain).  The fluid action stimulates the healing blood flow massaging your feet while absorbing impact and distributing the weight evenly.  It redistributes the body weight to eliminate pain, pressure and fatigue leading to plantar fasciitis, by stretching and releasing the tension.  The more you wear them during the day, the better you’ll feel in the morning.

              “Custom” Fit for Your Feet  -  The dynamic movement of the Liquid Glycerin provides a custom insole for the daily changes in your feet, skeletal posture and it adjusts itself to the different type of shoes you wear.  This provides support for the feet, helping to control excessive pronation which can cause foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.  People who have a tendency to “over pronate” can and will benefit greatly from this additional foot support.  People whose feet are high arched, can also benefit from our full length liquid gel orthotic insole which cushions the feet and transfers impact load to the entire surface of the bottom of the feet.  In a shoe, boot or sandal, our insoles help control the various and varied forces of “pronation” and dramatically improve fit, performance and comfort.


How Do They Feel?

They may feel weird at first, however, it is a good weird.  If they didn’t feel different, then they would be the same as every other rubber gel insert that wears out in a couple of months.  After wearing them for a short period, the weird feeling will not be noticeable, but it depends on the sensitivity of your feet.

Reported Pain Relief From:

Back Pain,  Knee Pain,  Hip Pain,  Ankle Pain,  Plantar Fasciitis,  Heel Spurs,  Bone Spurs,  Calluses,  Corns,  Bunions,  Neuropathy,  Morton’s Neuroma,  Diabetes,  Poor Circulation,  Shin Splints,  Hot Burning Feet,  Fibromyalgia,  Excessive Perspiration,  High Arches,  Flat Feet,  Sports Injuries,  Fibromyalgia,  Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS),  Gout,  Arthritis in Feet & Joints,  Metatarsalgia,  Leg Cramps,  Balance,  Hot Burning Feet,  Plantar Warts,  Pain from Sprains & Fractures…

Additional Benefits:

The absorbent cloth layers are a moisture barrier keeping feet cool and comfortable.  Winter time they will insulate you against the cold, and summertime they will insulate you against the heat.  They’re no thicker than a quarter, therefore, our liquid gel orthotics can be worn every day with any shoe.  They will also last significantly longer than any other insole on the market.

Washing Instructions

They can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle, NO BLEACH.  AIR DRY ONLY, NO DRYER.


It is recommended that you gradually acclimate yourself to your new liquid gel orthotic.  Start out by wearing them in 2-hour increments, gradually increasing your wear time.  Our insoles will significantly improve circulation through the massage.  Initially this improved circulation may make your feet feel warmer.  This is normal and your feet will adjust to it quickly. 

If necessary (if they don’t lay flat in your shoes) , trim in the toe area only.  Trim in small increments, following the line contour provided on the insoles.  DO NOT cut below the last line.

100% Non-Toxic Liquid Glycerin Gel.

 Do NOT put the insoles in the microwave.

Size Chart:












 5 - 7

3 - 4.5

3 - 4.5

36.5 - 38.5


7.5 - 8

5 - 6.5

5 -7

39 - 40.5

S2 (Wide)

7.5 - 8 (Wide)

5 - 6.5 (Wide)

5 - 7 (Wide)

39 - 40.5 (Wide)


8.5 - 10

7 – 8

7 - 8.5

40.5 - 42


9 - 10.5

7.5 – 9

7 - 9

40.5 - 42.5

L  (Wide)


7.5 - 9.5 (Wide)

7 - 9.5 (Wide)

40.5 - 43 (Wide)


11 - 12

9.5 - 10.5

9.5 - 10.5

43 - 44.5


13 - 14

11 - 13.5

11 - 13

45 - 47.5



14 – 17

13.5 - 15.5

48 - 49.5


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